A Fundamentally New Coupling System

Way of Use



The strip finding its position guided by the grip handle  


pulling in

Pulling of the side of the strip into the frontal up side of the channel


Locked position

The strip fixed, with a clicking movement pulled into the locking channel



Pulling the strip through the head if needed to increase the tension



Pulling the free end of the strip out of the head. When decoupled ready for reuse
  • These pictures are showing the way the system works using a 3D-printed testmodel.
    A real product would show finer teeth, sharper edges and a smooth surface.

  • Powerfull Combination of Features

    Bundle straps must be Quick Coupling and Strong
    The ZicLok system offers both by using a new kind of gripping head.

    Quick connecting action : the top side of this head is able to be flexibly bended open. Shown at the left is the way the strip can now move sideways in and out of the head.

    High gripping strength : the head offers a clamping action with extra force when the coupling system is loaded : the open and flexible side will stay closed.

    Active Fetching Head

    The sideparts of the head are mounted pivotably to enable the passing through of the strip. Keeping them closed in a loaded situation is effected by a special interaction of several moving parts.
    The system uses a controlled way of exerting forces to the parts, aiming at minimal stresses and at keeping the head closed and the strip securely fetched.

    The picture at the right shows the flow of the main forces, generated by a load, giving an idea of the principle.
    The yellow lines stand for the pulling forces, the red arrows for the pushing forces of the teeth of the strip. When the head has the right dimensions the forces will excite an active closing force in the two sideparts. A higher load will result in a bigger closing force.

    This active coupling configuration of parts in the system is new. Recently the patent rights have been granted to ZicLok for the EU and US.

    Next Step

    The ZicLok coupling principle has been developed in a process of radical innovation. The principle has been build up from the ground, searching for strength and ease of use, following a dense traject of designing.
    The present mechanism, simple but new, came up as top solution, fully fulfilling the requirements stated at the start.

    ZicLok Premium Features :

    - Fast Click-in Click-out Locking Action
    - High Strength
    - Fine Step Tensioning
    - Free Choice of Material
    - Low Cost Production
    - Durability

    Fields of Application : Bundle Ties - Tensionable Connections

    This system is offering improvements compared to those of the existing systems, at normal costs.
    It can be used in small and large systems, from fine surgical use to the grabbing of flexible pipes.
    People are interested in applications of the ZicLok coupling. The concept is proven and tested.
    Effort has been put in the process of technical research, design and development, to reach this point. The searching is now for an optimal developing and marketing traject.

    Contact : ZicLok
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