A Fast and Strong System

Way of Use



The strip finding its position guided by the grip handle  


pulling in

Pulling of the side of the strip into the frontal up side of the channel


Locked position

The strip fixed, with a clicking movement pulled into the locking channel



Pulling the strip through the head if needed to increase the tension



Pulling the free end of the strip out of the head. When decoupled ready for reuse
  • These pictures are showing the way the system works using a 3D-printed testmodel.
    A real product would show finer teeth, sharper edges and a smooth surface.

  • Powerfull Combination of Features

    Bundle Ties are wanted to be Quickly Connectable as well as Strong .

    The ZicLok system offers both by using a special head.

    - Quick : The upper side of the head is able to bend open. This offers a fast sideward passageway to the strip moving in and out of the coupling head.

    - Strong : The coupling head closes around the strip with extra force when the coupling system is loaded, enhancing the clamping force.

    Benefits :

    The topside insertion of the strip offers an easy way of use. The strip can be clicked into the locking channel of the head in one move, without looking, just by touch. It is easy, without any practice one can connect the strip very quickly because the strip finds its own way.

    Stabbing the end of the strip into some small hole is unnecessary. This offers another benefit in that the strip can be placed at once into an almost right position. After that only a little extra tensioning is needed. This can be accomplished by a quick next move of the hands.

    A next advantage is the easy way of unconnecting of the tie. Changes of the bundle can always be made in a simple way. The tie can be reused many times, offering profits regarding material use and costs.

    Still, the ZicLok system is very strong by using a special mechanical system. The picture at the right shows the flow of the main forces, generated by the load, giving an idea of the principle. The yellow lines stand for the pulling forces, the red arrows for the pushing forces of the teeth of the strip. A higher load will result in a bigger closing force.

    This configuration of parts in the system is new. Patent rights have been granted for US, NL, GB, DE, FR and BE.


    This ZicLok coupling principle has been designed from the ground, looking for flexible connections with high strength and ease of use.
    This system has been found as the best solution.

    ZicLok Premium Features :

    - Fast Click-in Click-out Locking Action
    - High Strength
    - Fine Step Tensioning
    - Free Choice of Material
    - Low Cost Production
    - Durability

    Fields of Application : Bundle Ties - Tensionable Connections

    This system is offering improvements compared to those of the existing systems, at normal costs.
    Some examples of application :
    - Bundling to facilitate handling
    The speed of the Ziclok system when bundling and releasing makes temporary tying economical, as a tool when storing and moving objects.
    - Straps to tie trees
    A reusable quick tie, replacing the use of knotted plastic material. - Biobind -
    - Surgical stitches
    The use of very small Ziclok coupling systems to tie surgical sutures.
    - Small and large universal bundling ties
    Bundling objects at home and when wrapping up and bagging material, the fixing of objects. The reusability of the ties lowers the costs of it.
    - Clothing and footwear
    By application of strong plastic this system can be used to produce quickfixing tensionable fastenings with high flexibility. Cheap recyclable clasps could be another application.

    Contact : ZicLok
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